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Fish for America USA, Inc.’s purpose is to educate the American consumer on their rights to consume domestic, wild caught seafood and ways they can contribute to domestic, wild caught seafood sustainability and maintain their fishing accountability. Commercial and recreational anglers are given certain limits by the government on how much seafood can be caught at one time. These limits are set to help preserve the delicate balance of this aquatic ecosystem and so people can continue to enjoy domestically caught seafood. However, when individuals do not abide by these limits this balance becomes unstable.

This organization will work to educate the American consumer on their rights to consume domestic, wild caught seafood regardless of their distance to coastal waters. Organization volunteers will attend fishery meetings to educate themselves on the ever-changing seafood rules and regulations set forth by our government. From there, Fish for America USA, Inc. will compile the information and place it on our website for the public to easily access.

In addition, the organization plans to educate people on their role in accountability and sustainability of domestically caught wild seafood, which results in their continued access to this natural resource. Fish for America USA, Inc.’s education will include information about abiding by fishing license limits, fishing seasons, reducing pollution, etc. The organization intends to utilize primarily online methods such as a website and social media to disseminate this information to the public. Through these efforts, the organization hopes to contribute to the education of Americans and the maintenance of the aquatic coastal waters that yield our country’s domestically caught wild seafood.

FWC removing Ototlith’s (earbones) for educational studies that mainly determine the age of the fish but other data is also collected.

Otolith's Removal

Otolith’s Removal


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